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June 18th 2017 ~ Dads & Lads Father’s Day Tournament

Avenue Dads & Lads 2017June 18th was Father’s Day and we ran a fun ‘Dads & Lads’ competition. Dads & Daughters’ were also invited but alas we were a fully male gathering.

We had 8 partnerships with one Dad, Andy who has twins, enlisting the assistance of their grandfather!

Another Dad, Jonah had to share his time, skills and abilities between his two sons, Sam and Leo, so was never off court for the entire 2 hours!   There were some hard-fought matches on green ball and red ball which had everyone on the run, the sun was shining and it was the perfect start to Father’s Day, especially for Geoff and Guy who were the victors!

More pictures in the Photo Gallery.

April 23rd 2017 ~ Under 9 Orange v Highgate

Under 9 Orange V Highate April 2017It was our first match of a four-match season in the Aegon under 9 orange division and we were drawn away to Highgate. Unfortunately, we were a team member down so had to call on our reserve to play, thank you Max!

Our first seed Charlie played Highgate’s top seed and put in a great performance. He won the second set 8-6 thus the match went to a third set. He narrowly lost that, but can be very encouraged with his overall play.

Our number 2 was Danny who also won a set in his match 7-3. He went on to lose the next two sets but only by two points in each set. Again, great shot making was in evidence.

Number 3 was Max who lost in straight sets but showed determination and a willingness to chase down every ball.

Our number 4 was Arturo who did not win a set but had some long baseline rallies, which showed great technique.

In the next round, number 1 played 2, 2 played 1, while number 3 played 4 and 4 played 3. In this round only Max won a set 7-4 but went on to lose 3-7 in the final set. Everyone else lost in straight sets but Charlie pushed his opponent all the way going down 9-11 in the second set. With a few rallies going our way it could have been very different. The scoresheet did not reflect the closeness in the ability of both teams.

The final round was doubles where Charlie and Danny teamed up as did Max and Arturo. Charlie and Danny played well having good court awareness of each other and making some good shots. Max and Arturo played with real skill and pushed their opponents to 10-12 in the second set. Although we did not win a match we played with skill and carried ourselves in a very sportsmanlike manner of which we can all be very proud.

Well done team!

May 14th 2017 ~ Under 9 Orange v Oakleigh Park

Under 9 Orange v Oakleigh ParkOur second match of the season saw us play a strong Oakleigh Park team.

Our team of Charlie, Coby, Max, and Danny had to be at their best and they really were!

They won all 10 matches, winning  eight singles and both doubles. A special performance by an Avenue team.

May 13th 2017 ~ Under 8 Red v Barnet

Under 8 Red v Barnet May 2017It was the second match of the under 8 Aegon season and we were playing another quality opposition.

Our team of Oz, Ben P, Ben S and Ryan played with great tenacity and skill, we contested many long rallies with great intensity.

Unfortunately we only won a couple of matches but the score lines did not reflect the closeness between the two teams.

July 2016 ~ BBQ and Finals Day

BBQ and Finals Day 2016A great time was had by all at yet another fantastic BBQ and Finals Day this year!

An abundance of good food!
Lots of drinks...mostly soft you understand!
And loads of prizes!

There are many more pictures in our gallery.

September 13th 2015 ~ Exhibition Match

Avenue Exhibition Match Sept 2015On Sunday 13th September afternoon the members of The Avenue Tennis Club were treated to a doubles match where Sally's two coaches ken and Pedro challenged her other two leading coaches, the Gan Twins, Ollie and Marcus.

The crowd whooped and cheered, clapped and laughed as these wonderful four young coaches entertained us. But never forgetting the younger players, Sally had arranged for two of her junior coaches to entertain the children on our junior court and provided lots of prizes so everyone was a winner. A lovely family afternoon, that is The Avenue Tennis Club Family!

There are more pictures in our gallery.

July 2015 ~ Three Generations at The Avenue

The Langleben Family at The Avenue Tennis ClubThe Avenue Tennis Club is a small club in Finchley Central which in the last 5 or 6 years has seen three generations of one family represent the club in competition.

Pictured here:  Alan Langleben who has played for the men’s team for over a decade, his son Ben Langleben who has also begun to play for the team in the last couple of years and last but by no means least Ely who now plays for the club’s Under 10 team and in the summer of 2015 won the Under 9s club championship.

The Avenue Tennis Club is truly a family club – The Langleben Family is one of many that make up  the heart of a very happy club.  Well done to the Langlebens, we look forward to generation 4!!”

July 5th 2015 ~ Summer Finals and BBQ Day

BBQ and Finals Day 2015 Avenue Tennis ClubThe 5th of July – middle Wimbledon weekend was a very important day in Finchley.

It saw the 2015 annual club championships of the Avenue Tennis Club set in the heart of the family that the club has become – the sun shone and the battles began at 1pm – the fun went on long into the evening!

We were delighted to have Kay Shepherd with us to present the prizes.

Kay has been a member of the Avenue Tennis Club for 50 years and although she no longer plays, she is still an important and integral part of the club being our auditor and she keeps us all in very good order!

The Ladies singles was won by Emma Hazen who beat Patricia Moore

The Men’s singles was won by Robert Peart who beat Geoff Fawcett

The Men’s doubles was won by Robert Peart and Geoff Fawcett who beat Steve Smith and Max Popovic

The mixed doubles was won by Geoff Fawcett and Sandra Upali who beat Richard Stephens and Patricia Moore

The Teenage competition was won by Alex Minogue who beat jonah Stephens

The Under 12s was won by Dylan Stephens who beat Nadav Jacobs

The Under 10s was won by Filip Popovic who beat Noah Godfrey

The Under 9s was won by Ely Langleben who beat Filip Popovic

The Under 8s was won by Benjamin Gibson who beat Jacques Forde

There was a special prize for the most improved junior over the season and that went to Toby Levy. 

And another prize for the most improved adult player  and that went to Max Popovic.

All the photos from the day are in the photo gallery.

Easter 2015 ~ Junior Holiday Camps

Avenue Easter Camp 2015Easter camp would not be the same without the Eggs!

On tournament day April 2nd, we had such glorious weather the chocolate was melting before we could distribute them.

Especially as our final was a marathon between Gabriel and Jonathan!  We had a fabulous week with many new off court friendship formed and a few new on court rivals developing!

The last day atmosphere was lovely with some of the longest matches known to the Avenue Grand Slam!

Whoever coaches Gabriel, we need to get him to ‘finish’ a point!  Oh that will be Head Coach Sally’s job……….work to be done there, Sally!

Gabriel never missed a shot and in the semi again Dylan, who chipped and charged, sliced and lobbed, testing Gabriel every which way he could, Gabriel just came back with more.

Dylan did miss out on the Gold and Silver medals but was awarded ‘Player of the week’ for the most improved hard working player on camp – Well done Dylan.

Some of our little ones made the best ball mountains, Davy was clearly the best ball collector of the week and Oliver was a star in helping us with our major flood midweek – not our best moment!

A lovely camp as always with the best coaches: Marcus, Ollie, James, Ben and new coach Pedro – warm welcome to Pedro – this was his first week at the camp and by Friday we felt as if he had been here for months!

You will find lots more pictures in our gallery

March 2015 ~ First Ladies Team Win!

Avenue Ladies First WinKorana, Sandra, Benedicte and Lisa have their first Ladies Team win against Temple Fortune.

They only dropped one set between them. This was their last match of the winter season so they are feeling pumped for the summer.

Coach Sally is delighted 'Well done girls, the only way is up now. Playing through the winter months can be tough, cold and difficult but does the job of keeping you focused for the summer season. With two ladies teams this summer at The Avenue, things have never looked better. The men's team was promoted last summer and are also on the way up.'

October 2014 ~ Ladies Team Training

Avenue Ladies Team TrainingSally has been training the ladies team this autumn and they have just finished their first six week programme, they ended with cheese and nibbles, Heather’s salad and a drop of wine!

Sally awarded them all with stickers on the final session to depict their success over the six weeks!

There were:
2 x Little Tennis Stars
2 x Hot Shots
2 x Tennis Dudes
2 x Racket Rascals

“It was lovely to realise our vision and be able to train under lights on home turf, our first season with our floodlights and thanks must go to Patricia, our Club Chair who worked tirelessly to get these lights for the Avenue, says Sally, Head Coach

“She and I sat up many a night agonising over funding and planning applications, arranging meetings with contactors and wading through technical specs and spreadsheets, it was no easy feat but we did it!”

The ladies section at The Avenue Tennis Club is thriving and this is thanks to the enthusiasm and encouragement of Sally who works as hard as her players to get the best out of them at all  times.

No matter what your standard, she makes you feel welcome and involved. She runs a ‘buddying’ system where new ladies get buddied up with an existing member to play fun doubles irrespective of ability, if you want to play, you will at the Avenue Tennis Club.

May 2014 ~ Ladies First Match of the Season

Avenue Ladies May 2014Pictured here from left to right: Patrica, Sandra,Sigi, Lisa, Korana and Benedicte (captain), after playing their first match of the season at Farm Walk.

Many thanks to FW for hosting with our balls and food, The Avenue is knee deep in diggers as the new junior court is being built.  It will be finished at the end of May and normal service will be resumed.

Sally's ladies had a great evening, sadly not with a win but looking like a team who means business.  This is only their second season playing competitive tennis and first match ever for some of them.  Sally went to support them and was pleasantly surprised and very proud of how they are taking on board their training and coaching, keep it up girls and enjoy the season!

Sunday 4th May 2014 ~ Wimbledon Ticket Draw

Avenue Tennis Club Wimbledon Ticket WinnersThe clubhouse was packed today for the Wimbledon Draw following a great fun tournament enjoyed by a couple of dozen players.

Pictured here are the seven lucky winners of the clubs allocation of Wimbledon Tickets: Benedicte, Korana, Kwok, Ivan, Richard, Dot and Jake.

April 2014 ~ The Lights are Up and Working

Avenue Tennis Club LightsWe are officially floodlit!

Courts one and two have been floodlit and we hope that you will make use of them immediately.

The tokens cost £5 and can be purchased in the first instance from Sally Bentley, they last for one hour.

When your token is about to run out you will see a flashing light on the court, you have a few minutes to feed the metre.

When the lights go out there is a small light on the court that will come into operation immediately allowing for time to find balls and belongings.

Please note that the lights can only be used until 8pm at weekends and 9pm during the week.

Please also note that when they go out, they take 15 minutes to warm up and relight the court, so you need to make sure that you watch out for the green or red flashing lights.

Sunday 2nd February 2014 ~ Under 10s Friendly with Brondesbury

Avenue Under 10s Friendly with BrondesburySunshine at the Avenue for a wonderful pre season friendly for the under 10s against Brondesbury.

Pictured here Left to Right:
Marina, Head Coach Brondesbury with her team.

Marcus, (The Avenue Under 10 Coach Captain) and Sally, Head Coach Avenue.

The Avenue Team are:
Jenny, Judd, Joel and Toby.
Dylan and Chen Yu also played but had to leave before the photo was taken.

It was a resounding victory for The Avenue.  However more importantly the match was very well organised, thanks to Marcus and all the games were won and lost graciously and with first class sportsmanship.
Well done to all the players.

Saturday 13th July 2013 ~ Mini Aces Awards

Avenue Tennis Club Mini Aces Awards 2013At the end of the year, Sally awards some prizes and special mentions to the mini-aces who have been training with her all year.  They play in competitions and represent the club in matches, but Sally does not just look at rewarding points and winning matches, she rewards hard work, good work ethic and court etiquette.  Taking all of these things into account, she and her coaches finally decided on this line up!

The  picture shows from left to right:

Lamis - Most improved girl in her group.

Joni - Most improved boy in his group.

Jenny - Most improved Under 9 - Sally has coached Jenny since she was 6 and 3 years on, she has her lined up for the ladies team soon! (Jenny however, appears to have forgotten that they were supposed to wear their Avenue T-shirt!)

Ben and Tawfiq - Both got the hardest worker in age group - both playing technically lovely tennis - they never give up, they never moan at anything thrown at them, they just get on with the job - a pleasure to coach.

Yonatan - Best Mini-Ace of the year, playing in competitions and matches all year never dropping a set and representing the club with style and a smile!  He will be sadly missed as he is leaving London this summer to go and live in Israel.  It was very hard for Sally to present this award and say goodbye to Yoni, who she found through talent identification in his school 2 years ago when he had never held a racquet, but very quickly learned, started to compete and became a Red 1 when he was only 6.  He smiles through every lesson and only had one aim - and that was to beat his coach!!

Saturday 8th June 2013 ~ Under 8s Away at David Lloyd Enfield

Avenue Tennis Under 8s at EnfieldThe Avenue's Under-8 team were narrowly defeated by David Lloyd Enfield on Saturday 8th June.

The Avenue's team were younger and less experienced in tournaments and competitions than our opponents.

Out of our four players (Lamis and Sam, both 6, and Tawfiq and Joshua, both 8) - only two had played any away games previously.

We rapidly climbed the learning curve, dealing with the foam balls and lack of wind really rather well against the older home side.

All matches were hard fought, with all four of our players pushing their opponents in long (often noisy) rallies.  The final result was 10-6 to David Lloyd Enfield.

We thank the home side for their hospitality (post-match flapjacks were a particular favourite) and look forward to playing them next season.

Top picture: Tawfiq, Joshua, Lamis & Sam.

Michael Mocatta
Parent Under 8 Captain

Spring Holiday Camp 2013

Avenue Tennis Club Spring Holiday Camp 2013We had a busy week with lots of sunshine especially on Finals Day, when we had an all-girls final, Sophie and Talia, battled it out and the Avenue's very own Talia, daughter of club Treasurer Jonathan Hart, won in straight sets!

Tawfiq and Jake played the Red Under 8 Final, pictured with Marcus who umpired this very close match.  It could have gone either way but Jake just pipped Tawfiq to the post in a 10-8 win.

Jake has recently started playing Orange as he is nine now, but there was not an orange competition last week, so he snuck back into the Red group for the finals.  Otherwise Tawfiq was undefeated all week and won the best Under 8 medal.

The Under 8s play there last two matches this weekend against Highgate and David Lloyd Enfield - good luck to everyone.

More pictures from this camp can be found in our Photo Gallery.  

Sunday 12th May 2013 ~ Under 9 Competition at The Avenue

Avenue Tennis Under 9s Boys Competition

What a great morning for the Avenue Under 9s. It was tough for a couple of them as they had to do battle with their own team mates, with Dylan beating Chen Yu and and Toby beating Jake in the early stages.

However Chen Yu and Dylan both went through to the semi finals, Chen Yu buying himself a place in the final and Dylan in the play off for 3rd place which he achieved.

Chen Yu came 2nd in the final, but he put up a great fight only narrowly losing the first set 8/10.

Under 9 Manager and Team Captain, Andrew Shindler said “Even the losses for Jake and Chen Yu against their team mates, will strengthen their game in the long run and ultimately strengthen the team, well played everyone”

Top picture (left to right):
Leopold - 4th Place
Sandor - Winner
Chen Yu - Runner Up (Avenue) 
Dylan - 3rd Place (Avenue)
Plus Joel & Jake playing their first Orange competition

Lower picture:
Chen Yu and Dylan with coach Sally

Wednesday 8th May 2013 ~ Ladies First Home Match

Avenue Tennis Club LadiesThis was the team supper after the Avenue Ladies first home match against Mercury.

Sally, their coach stayed to help with the organisation as her novice team played Mercury Tennis Club led by very experienced Ros Edwards.

The Avenue played well and won 3 of their first sets in the league this season and the first for a ladies team at The Avenue for several years.

'My Ladies played well and I am very proud of them.  This is a fun vibrant team who will grow from strength to strength.  The team spirit is great, they are supportive and encouraging to each other.  We had a lovely evening with Ros's team and hope to have many more in the future'  Said Sally Bentley, Head coach, Avenue Tennis Club.

Sunday 5th May 2013 ~ Under 9 Friendly against Farm Walk

Avenue Tennis Under 9 Against Farm Walk

Congratulations go to Jake, Toby, Jenny, Chen Yu, Joel and Judd, for their excellent performance and convincing win against Farm Walk on Sunday.

We were a little too strong for the opposition but we all know that it is possible to lose to weaker players and I am pleased that they all “did the necessary”, winning their doubles match and both their singles matches in straight sets.

There were, however, some close sets and they all came through these showing good mental strength too.  More importantly, they conducted themselves well, accepting some dodgy line-calling which is I am afraid ubiquitous at all levels of tennis and generally not gloating in victory.

We also had an excellent practice beforehand which stood us in good stead, at which the players were all enthusiastic and followed our suggestions.

There will be sterner tests ahead, but this was a good start for this promising under 9 team.

We have also developed some good doubles combinations, including two right handed/left handed pairs which is a nice to have.

I am talking to Sally about arranging a return match and some more against other local clubs.

Keep up the hard work.

Andrew Shindler
Under 9 Team Manager and Captain

May 2013 ~ Under 8s

Avenue Tennis Under 8s May 2013

The Under 8 Teams have come up against some really tough opposition, especially where some clubs are playing young Orange players and not just Orange 4s but Orange 2s.

This has been very tough for the Avenue players, many of whom are playing competitively for the first time.

However they have been sporting and gracious in defeat and did have a win against Islington Tennis Centre.

Keep it up guys!

Top picture (front to back on left)

Lower picture:

Thursday 25th April 2013 ~ First Ladies Match for Ten Years

Avenue Tennis Club First Ladies Match

Patricia, Jo, Jennifer, Benedicte (captain), Liz and Korana.

They played their hearts out against Oakleigh Park tonight but unfortunately  lost 24 - 0.  However, Sally's ladies were not down trodden, they all came off court beaming.

There had been some games won and much laughter, and perhaps some of the more serious Oakleigh Park players did not appreciate the shrieks and high spirits, but as Sally says "we have to start somewhere and with young families, it is stressful enough getting to the matches, it is important to enjoy them once you are there!"

The families in question are so young that Patricia could not stay for supper as she had to get back to breast feed her 7 week old baby!!

April 2013 ~ Easter Camp Competitions

Avenue Tennis Club Easter Camp 2013

It was a Kitson family affair as Harry Kitson won the yellow ball competition and his younger sister Sophie won the Under 8 girls competition.  Well done Sophie!

And the Under 8 boys competition was won by newcomer, Tarren Mandodheeran.

Tarren was playing in his first competition at the Avenue - certainly one to watch as he attacked every match hardly losing a point!


On the left is runner up Noam Solomons Wise, on the right is the winner Harry Kitson.  In the middle desperate, to get a piece of the action, is Noam's brother Lior.

Lior played in the Yellow ball competition even though he is much younger than the other competitors, and was leading the way when he suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of his brother, who pushed him into third place. Don't worry Lior your time will come.

Watch out Noam!!

Sunday 10th March 2013 ~ Under 12 Competition

March 2013 Under 12 CompetitionThe temperature was freezing but Avenue players Nuri, Samuel, Jed and Jonah all played for 3 hours in an Under 12 competition on Sunday 10th March.

Jed and Jonah even insisted on playing in their shorts!  (Jonah is of Welsh origin, that's his excuse, dont know what Jed's is!)

Anyway all 4 boys played their hearts out and Jonah went on to be the runner up only losing to to Peter Tomascik who was the number one seed.

Sunday 10th February 2013 ~ Red Competitions

February 2013 Red CompetitionIt was a beautiful crisp sunny day at the Avenue where brother and sister Tawfiq and Lamis took home all the silverwear!

Sally ran two Red Under 8 competitions, one for the regular seasoned Red 1 and Red 2 players and one for the 'newbies', players who had not played a competition before.

She feels that it is a gentler route into the world of competition, so that everyone has a good first experience when they play competitively.   Tawfiq who is one of the Avenue's Red 2 players won the 'big' competition and Lamis was runner-up in the newby competition.

Pictured here with a very proud coach, Head Coach of The Avenue, Sally Bentley.

Mini-Aces Meeting and 2012 Awards

Mini-Aces 2012 WardsIn July, Sally holds a parents meeting to round up the year.  This year they had to do a speed quiz – (answer 10 questions as quickly as you can).

Some aces played on their own, others teamed up with parents, and it has to be said that the Levy brothers, Samuel and Toby won by a mile!  Well done boys – love your competitiveness!!

At the end there were a few awards made:  The most improved Mini-Ace went to Ben Lubitsh and the ‘Mini-Ace of the Year’ went to Chen Yu Wan, who played in all the Under 8 matches and did not drop a game, thereby being instrumental in taking us to second place in the league.

But the award is made more on his dedication, determination and consistent hard work throughout the year – who will get this next year??

Ben and Chen Yu are pictured here with Yonatan Porat who that week had got to his first final in an Under 8 competition, and he is only 6 – he is one to watch!!  Yonatan and Ben only met through the Avenue’s Mini-Aces, and now they are firm friends – Ben says that they are like Federa and Nadal – great mates but want to beat each other – just love ‘em!!

Avenue Ace Brings Home The Gongs

Yonatan PoratYonatan Porat is not even 7 yet and he has been bringing home medals from everywhere!

In July he got to the final of the Club Tour Competition for Under 8s at Finchley Manor, then again at Temple Fortune, pictured here with a winner from Chandos.

Then later that month, he won the same competition on home courts here at the Avenue.

Then he went to Hertfordshire, London Colney, and played another Club Tour competition and came home with the winning medal from there two!

Yonatan is coached by Sally who says ‘Yonatan is a delight to coach’.  He has now won 4 titles in a row!

Will he beat Chen Yu’s record of 7?

Saturday 15th September 2012 ~ Quiz Night

Avenue Tennis Club Quiz Night Winner

Our end of season quiz night in September had the clubhouse packed and buzzing, with over 40 members with their children; quiz master Mike Bentley tested their knowledge on animals, sporting cups, buildings and Andy Murray.

Our coach Sally did the scoring and you can see her pictured in the photo gallery adding up the last round whilst announcing the winners, good job her coaching is better than her maths!

The winning team was led by Jonathan and Dana Hart, which only goes to prove that there are brains around the Conservative Party and the media (Dana works for CP and Jonathan is our resident media man!)

However rumour has it that the little chap Jonathan is holding did all the work in his team!

Winkworth Estate Agent in Finchley Central sponsored the top raffle prize and the winner was Korana pictured here with her son Filip

See all the pictures in the Photo Gallery. 

Tuesday 28th to Friday 31st August 2012 ~ Olympic Week

As a special end of summer celebration of Team GB, Sally held an Olympic Games Camp for the last 4 days of summer with a special offer to bring a friend for free!

There were javelin competitions and relay races, shot-put and shooting, running, tennis and so much more.  Medals and flags, the National Anthem, bunting, podiums and fun. Here you can see pictures of some of our own Usain Bolts and Mo Farrahs, they had so much fun, everyone wants to make it an annual event!

Sorry guys we’ll have a ‘bring a friend’ for free week again next year, but the Olympics only comes to London once in a lifetime!

There are another 60 pictures in the Photo Gallery.

Saturday 26th May 2012 ~ Under 8s Match at Barnet

Avenue Tennis Club Under 8 Team

The Avenue team played Barnet away on Saturday and convincingly beat them 9 – 7.

This is another excellent result for the squad, who have recently beaten Islington and Kenton and have only lost once.

The Avenue squad play in the Under 8s league division 3 and the players are: Aanika, Jake, Jenny, Joel, Kimani, Dylan, Ben, Toby, Noah, Chen Yu and Yonatan.

Pictured here are Noah, Yonatan, Joel and Chen Yu who were victorious at Barnet.

Saturday 19th May 2012 ~ Welcome to The Avenue Tennis Club Tournament

This was a great afternoon of 'tennis & tea'.

We played a 'surprise doubles' format tournament which was a truly international affair!

We had Belgians, French, Israelis, Welsh, Scots and even a few English!

The tournament was won by Richard Stephens and Patricia Moore.

They were batting, as it were, for the Welsh and Scots and whilst delighted with their prize, have since made an official complaint to the organiser about the quality of the prize!!

They narrowly beat newcomers, James Ford and Joshua Somerfield, you'll get them next time guys!!

The Booby prize for getting the least points all day in the tournament went to Jonathan Hart, Club  Treasurer, perhaps the slightly larger ball will help him train for the next match.

Anyway, following the success of the afternoon it has been decided to hold one on the first Sunday of the Month at 2pm in July, August and September.

On the 1st of July we will hold the first BBQ of the year following a fun doubles tournament and as it is the middle weekend of Wimbledon there will be a flavour of SW 19 about it......... Strawberries and cream and Pimms!!

There will be a sign up sheet on the notice board with more information, so make sure you check out the boards.

If you would like to join our refurbished tennis club please get in touch via our contact page.