A Family Orientated Tennis Club in Finchley Central

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General Questions

How do I join the club?

Visit our Membership Subscriptions page, there you will find all the information about how to join The Avenue Tennis Club in Finchley Central.

How do I get into the club?

Once you are a member, you will pay a deposit for a set of keys. 

When can I play?

You can play anytime, except that Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 5pm is really reserved for Adults only and not for beginners.

Do I have to do a 'play in test' to become a member?

No this is no longer something encouraged by the LTA as they want people to play at all levels and standards.

Does the club have any teams?

Yes, we have a Men’s Team in the Middlesex League and a Ladies Team too.  We have Junior teams in the Under 8s, Under 9s and Under 10s in Middlesex Junior Leagues.

How can I get coaching for my 7 year old?

Please visit our Juniors page, where you will find comprehensive information about the different levels of coaching available for juniors at The Avenue Tennis Club. 

Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?

Yes, Sally our coach is able to accept Childcare Vouchers for coaching groups and holiday camps, so let her know which Childcare Voucher provider your employer uses.

How can I get coaching for myself, I used to play at University and I am interested in playing team tennis?

Contact our head coach Sally Bentley via our Contact page and she will arrange for you to meet the team captains or to have a hit with her or one of her coaches.

What happens about camps if the weather is bad?

In the event of bad weather, the camp will take shelter in the club pavilion and play table tennis or board games in side. If it is light drizzle or showers we will stay outdoors as long as it is safe. Therefore please dress suitably.

How do I  know if  lessons are cancelled due to bad weather?

To find out if a lesson is cancelled, click on the umbrella picture. If there is no message displayed regarding the lesson to say it is cancelled then the lesson is on.

What happens if a lesson is cancelled due to rain?

There will be a ‘make up’ lesson on the same day at the end of the term or half term.  If you are unable to make that date, I am afraid that you will lose the lesson.  It is not possible to add players onto other groups as this will alter the player/coach ratio.  If during a term there are two or more lessons cancelled due to rain, you will be offered an afternoon of a tennis camp from 1.00 – 3.00.  The camps run for 6 weeks in the summer, at Easter, Passover and Spring Bank holiday.

Can I get one to one coaching?

Our head coach Sally Bentley and her team are pleased to offer private coaching for both adults and juniors.

All Sally's coaches charge the following rates:
Half hour: £20 - £25
Full hour: £30 - £35

Members are invited to bring a guest once and pay £5 guest fee into the club’s bank account. Details can be obtained from Sally as we do not like to publish them here.

If you cancel a lesson WITHOUT at least 24 hours for the coach to fill the lesson, you will be expected to pay for the lesson.  If the coach cancels the lesson due to inclement weather, there is no charge.  If the coach is prepared to give the lesson as he or she considers the weather conditions to be safe, the lesson will happen.  Under these circumstances, if the player chooses not to play, they must pay for the lesson.