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Club Rules

All members and their guests must play within the rules and respect these guidelines drawn up by the committee. The Avenue Tennis Club is a family club and run by a committee of volunteers.  They all work hard with the Head Coach Sally to make the club a safe place to play tennis.  Most of the following rules are concerned with safety.

If you would like a set of keys, there is a deposit of £15 which is refundable.  You can get a set from the Head Coach Sally or one of the committee Members.

Bringing visitors to the club
We warmly invite our members to bring family, friends and guests, to play at the club and these people are invited to play as guest for a maximum of 4 times before they join.  We are that they sign the visitors book and put £5 in an envelope in the kitchen and give to a committee member or a coach.  If you do not have the change on you - write an IOU with the name of the member with whom you had come to the club and the money can be collected later.

Respect and Welfare
You must treat your fellow club members with respect, and behave responsibly and safely whilst at the club. You must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background, religious beliefs or sexual identity.  You are also entitled to be treated with respect and to feel safe whilst at the club, and should therefore report any inappropriate behaviour to the Welfare Officer, Patricia Moore patricia@avenuetennisclub.co.uk or head coach, (sally@avenuetennisclub.co.uk)

Clothing on court
You must wear suitable kit when using the courts.  Any comfortable sports clothes are appropriate but shoes must be TENNIS SHOES WITH FLAT, NON-MARKING SOLES.

Junior members
Junior members playing at the club without adult supervision must have a set of keys with them at all times. Only juniors who are 14 years and over are permitted to play at the club without adult supervision and must undergo the ‘safety’ checks with the Welfare Officer of Head coach before being allowed to be at the club unsupervised.

They must not touch or interfere with fire extinguishers or any of the equipment in the kitchen at any time.

They must have a working mobile phone with credit if playing at the club without adult supervision.

They must not open the main door to strangers when playing at the club.

No playing with balls is allowed inside the clubhouse except table tennis balls.

They must always ensure that they turn off all lights, heaters and other appliances after use. The club's heaters are not to be used between May and September.

General etiquette
You are expected to wash up or place in the dishwasher any cups, plates, cutlery, cafeterias etc that you have used in the club house. Please keep the kitchen area tidy.

You must collect all balls after playing and leave the courts in a good condition and always loosen the net and tie up with the bungees.

You are reminded not to walk on to the courts when people are playing. Simply wait until the point being played is over before requesting to pass at the back of the court.

For safety, only take plastic water bottles onto court. Leave any other possessions off court or keep them in a suitable bag at the side of the net whilst playing.

You must not eat or chew gum while on court.

At times when there is limited court availability and others are waiting to play, you should limit your time on court to one set and then offer the court to anyone who is waiting.

Policy updates
All Avenue Policies are reviewed and updated annually.