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Accident and Emergency Guidance

When dealing with an accident or incident:

  1. Stay calm but act swiftly and observe the situation. Is there any danger of further injuries?

  2. Listen to what the injured person is saying.

  3.  If the injury is minor, alert your first aider to take appropriate action.

  4. If the injury requires specialist treatment, call the emergency services.

  5.  Deal with the rest of the group and ensure that they are adequately supervised.

  6.  Do not move someone with major injuries - wait for the emergency services.

  7.  Contact the injured person’s parent/carer.

  8.  Complete an incident/accident report form.

This information is being provided as a guide and has been taken from the St Johns Ambulance Approved Code of Practice.

There is no mandatory list of materials that should be kept on a First Aid container but the Approved Code of Practice gives guidance on the minimum content that should be made available where no special risks are involved.

  1. A guidance leaflet.

  2. 20 adhesive dressings (individually wrapped and assorted sizes).

  3. 2 sterile eye pads.

  4. 6 triangular bandages (individually wrapped and sterile).

  5. 6 medium sterile wound dressings (individually wrapped and un-medicated).

  6. 2 large sterile wound dressings (individually wrapped and un-medicated).

  7. 6 safety pins.

  8. Disposable gloves.

In addition St John Ambulance recommends eye wash, burns treatment, resuscitation masks, and cold packs as possible additions. Note, no creams, lotions, medicines or tablets are permitted.

First Aid Containers

  1. Keep clean and free from dust.

  2. Protect contents from damp.

  3. If possible make accessible, preferably located near to hand washing facilities.

  4. Should be green with a white cross.

  5. Examine regularly and restock after use.

  6. Discard out of date items.

  7. Keep a sufficient supply.

Don’t forget to record any accident/incident in an accident/incident report form, which can be found on the notice board and next to the first aid boxes.  This should be completed in full and then passed on to a member of the committee, to ensure it is officially recorded and any necessary action is taken.

Accident or Emergency contact information

It is also useful to have the key contact names and numbers on display.  A simple A4 poster outlining names and contact details of First Aiders, plus address and number of the nearest A&E are key pieces of information that should be easily accessible to members and users.

List of qualified first aiders:

Sally Bentley (Club Manager & Head Coach)
James Levy (Coach)
Kapari Bagerbaseh (Coach)
Philip Toledo (Coach)

Nearest Accident and Emergency Department:

Barnet General Hospital
Wellhouse Lane,

0845 111 4000

For advice about injuries or accidents of a less severe nature, please call:
NHS Direct
0845 4647

On witnessing an accident or emergency, please ensure you complete an accident report form and hand to a member of the committee.

Policy updates
All Avenue Policies are reviewed and updated annually.